• Goldendoodles Puppies
  • Goldendoodle Adult
  • Goldendoodle Adult
  • Goldendoodles Puppies
  • Goldendoodles Puppies
  • Goldendoodles Puppies
  • Goldendoodles Puppies
  • Goldendoodles Puppies

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The Perfect Companion

Our Mission Statement

We are dog lovers  and have a respect for the growing potential of our canine friends and family members. We want to do what we can to promote not only responsible pet ownership but a interactive partnership with our dogs. We are a work in progress as we head towards becoming more of a Resource Site to assist those in our local community. Dogs are wonderful pets and so many people consider them an added family member but we hope to encourage people to go one step further and explore the potential of what our canine friends are capable of.

It used to be that you’d hear mostly about dogs that were used for Seeing Eye dogs but since the 70′s, the potential of dogs assisting in other ways has greatly expanded and Assistance dogs are being trained for a vast number of situations,  from helping with Autistic children and  children with other  physical and mental disabilities, returning disabled Vets, assisting diabetics to detect  problems, cancer detection, Emotional support, Therapy Dogs, Hearing Dogs and many more.

We do  raise a few litters each year. Although some of our puppies are chosen for further training, all have the benefit of our early socialization program. We aim to give them a good start to be able to go on to their new families and develop their potential whatever that may be.

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Golden Doodle Puppies


We have 1-2 A1 Golden Doodle littlers a year, many to loving families and others to service dog programs, for which they are wonderfully suited.

Grown Golden Doodles


When a Rainfield Golden Doodle puppy is adopted into a new home, we request updates and do our best to help provide helpful tips and advice to their
new families. 

Golden Doodle Parents


Golden Doodles are a result of a Poodle and Golden Retreiver parent. Our sire is the majestic Standard Poodle 'Zane.' The mothers are our pet Golden Retreivers.