Golden Doodle puppies being held by Laurie and Terry


Golden Doodle Puppies in the Houston area

Photo Gallery
A grown golden doodle. Photo by Kristi Bracewell


Here are some Golden Doodle puppies all grown up.
Photo Gallery
One of the families that adopted a golden doodle puppy from us.

Golden Doodle Families

Some of the families who adopted puppies.
Photo Gallery
One of the families that adopted a golden doodle puppy from us.

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One of the families that adopted a golden doodle puppy from us.

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2018 news

Happy New Year to everyone! We have been getting emails  about our plans for 2018. Thanks so much for all your interest and we love to hear from you and to talk about one of  our favorite subjects, ‘Doodles’. They have such a big part of our hearts. Thanks... read more

Fall 2017

When we have puppies in our home, it seems like everything centers around puppy care and early training. We count it a blessing but there is never a dull moment. We are adding new equipment and problem-solving challenges to our socialization program, which is always a... read more


This is our little Clouseau when he was just about 1 month old. Our Doodle babies all start out about 1 lb. at birth but they change so rapidly. We enjoy watching them grow into the wonderful ‘home changers’ they will become. Clouseau has come a long way... read more

What is ‘Puppy Culture?’ and Upcoming litters

We love changes! Although we have always put a lot into our puppy raising, there’s always room for improvement. We always look forward to getting ongoing feedback and keeping up with our puppies as they grow and develop the wonderful potential Goldendoodle... read more

Beatin’ the heat!

Doodles are great lovers of water and in the Texas heat, water activities are just something so many of us enjoy. Water play is just so much more fun with children and doodles. You know you are a Texas dog parent when checking out life jackets for dogs at the Sports... read more

New Goldendoodle Pups

We have a new litter of Goldendoodle babies in the house again! Ginger, my daughter’s dog, and Zane are proud parents of beautiful red and apricot goldendoodle pups. The kids are busy showering them with attention while these baby doodles fill their days eating,... read more

It Was a Good Christmas!

The day after Christmas can be a tough one. It’s unrealistic but it would be nice to hang on to  Dec. 24th all year round. I miss the family gatherings, Christmas music and how nice strangers are! Texans are naturally nice people but Christmas cheer is so... read more
Laurie Wells

Laurie Wells

Doodle Enthusiast

Laurie Wells is a passionate advocate of Golden Doodles, an ethical breeder and trainer, and is also grandmother to nine kiddos.