Golden Doodle puppies being held by Laurie and Terry


Golden Doodle Puppies in the Houston area

Photo Gallery
A grown golden doodle. Photo by Kristi Bracewell


Here are some Golden Doodle puppies all grown up.
Photo Gallery
One of the families that adopted a golden doodle puppy from us.

Golden Doodle Families

Some of the families who adopted puppies.
Photo Gallery
One of the families that adopted a golden doodle puppy from us.

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One of the families that adopted a golden doodle puppy from us.

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New Goldendoodle Pups

We have a new litter of Goldendoodle babies in the house again! Ginger, my daughter’s dog, and Zane are proud parents of beautiful red and apricot goldendoodle pups. The kids are busy showering them with attention while these baby doodles fill their days eating,... read more

It Was a Good Christmas!

The day after Christmas can be a tough one. It’s unrealistic but it would be nice to hang on to  Dec. 24th all year round. I miss the family gatherings, Christmas music and how nice strangers are! Texans are naturally nice people but Christmas cheer is so... read more

When Allergies are an Issue

 Yes, Goldendoodles are wonderful dogs and have qualities that have won them a a  growing place in the hearts of dog lovers world wide. It’s a fact. Their cheery, funny and warm personality is not the only reason! I get more people asking about their hypo-allergic... read more

New Puppy Pictures

This is the first day of this little one’s life and mommy is oh so important! This little one is actually just a few hours old. The children made blankets for each puppy and took care in making each one different. Three weeks old and their first sun bath in the... read more

Where are they now?

  Lola lives fulltime with Heidi at a summer camp for kids near Austin and spends her days with campers, horses, rabbits and all sorts of wildlife. What a life! She just celebrated her 4th birthday. Those long legs she inherited from her poodle dad, make it... read more
Laurie Wells

Laurie Wells

Doodle Enthusiast

Laurie Wells is a passionate advocate of Golden Doodles, an ethical breeder and trainer, and is also grandmother to nine kiddos.