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Doodle Pics

Casting Call!!! I need photographs of your doodles. I’m writing a doogie treat cookbook. The proceeds from this book will go to animal rescue(s). If you have a favorite shot of your doodle (that you have taken & own), email it to

Merry Christmas!

It is hard to believe that yet another Christmas season is here. This year has been filled with so many events and blessing and has passed by so quickly. We pray that you will have a wonderful time with family and friends and just wanted to let you know that we are...

Don’t miss this

For anyone interested. It seems like fun and there you know how Doodles love to socialize!  

All Paws on Deck

A swimming pool in Houston is a definite plus to any home but we are finally getting around to getting rid of an outdated pool and part of the deck. We are making space for our  4 new organic box gardens. It’s a lot of work so naturally everyone pitches in to clear...


Copper, one of our 2012 pups, is now over a year old. He’s a beautiful color and quite a handsome Goldendoodle. Evidently he did better with the pants than the Elizabethan Cone. I did always have trouble with the dogs hating to keep them on so if the pants work,...

Puppy News

Puppies are always such a joy and adding one to your home, in spite of all the challenges and changes, is always such a joyous event! For the two months that they are with me here, it seems I spend most of my time with them and get quite attached. They have such...

Pt.2 Lizzy

When we first got her, she had basically just seen a few people in her life,  no stairs, elevator, car, toys, other pets etc. She exhibited such fear the first few days and weeks. It has gradually diminished. Our first big outing was a walk to the mail box a block...
Laurie Wells

Laurie Wells

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Laurie Wells is a passionate advocate of Golden Doodles, an ethical breeder and trainer, and is also grandmother to nine kiddos.